Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yarn, yarn, yarn.

I have an addiction.

To yarn.

In the grand scheme of things it's not a bad addiction to have.
It doesn't give me the jitters like my caffiene addiction.

It's not drugs, alcohol or tobacco, so it's not damaging to my health.

It does, however, damage my bank account.

Quite seriously sometimes.

I recently joined a group on facebook called "The Crochet Crowd".
It's a much larger group than the one created by my crochet mentor (Teresa) who I adore endlessly. She makes me "get it" every time. There's no rewinding her video or tossing my hook down because "I can't do it!". she speaks the same crochet language as me.
I digress (as usual!)

The bigger group is both good and bad.
It's bad because it's harder for my socially inept self to "get to know people".
But it's good because there is so much more information in there.

.... not to mention links.

Like to

I love the colours of Ice yarns.
But I don't like paying £5 a ball for some DK or aran when it's "only" an acrylic or cheap wool.
So I bought it sparingly and used it with plain colours from good old Sirdar/Hayfield to make it last.

Then somebody posted the link to yarn paradise.


The colours!The choice!
The low price!

Even with direct shipping from TURKEY it works out at 1/4 of the price from ebay.
Including p+p I was paying £2 more than 1 ball on ebay but getting 4 full balls.

It's my birthday this week, tomorrow to be exact, so I let my mouse click.
£30 some pounds and 24 hours later I had 20 balls of yarn.

The bright rainbow "baby yarn" is currently on my hook making a 10 point ripple star blanket.

I didn't like the patters I found for this project.
The first attempt made a ruched up star (not what I was after at all!) so I followed instructions for "steam blocking acrylic", but another 4 rounds after the steam blocking occurred and I really wasn't happy. Maybe I over steamed it, I don't know.
So I frogged it back to the steamed part and tried something "new".

I made a circle starting with 10 dc and increasing like I would for a hat until I had 60 DC.
Then I made the ripples like I would my starghans (sc, sk2, *3dc ch2 3dc in one sp, sk 2, sc* repeat from * to *) and it seems to be working a whole lot better.

Of course, I've been using this yarn for 2 days solid now, so I'm getting a little bored.

I might break it up and try to make a white ami bunny I can pass off as Max (from Max and Ruby) for Princess Eeek.
Or maybe I should finish some unfubs.
Or tidy my house.



  1. I love watching your creations coming up on FB, you are one talented lady!!! Nothing wrong with a healthy addiction to yarn ;)

  2. I never knit with acrylic lol. I'm such a yarn snob! Pure wool all the way or possibly a blend with silk or cashmere. Life is too short to use crappy yarn ;)